Our Classes

What we offer:

In the Integral Martial Arts Academy you will learn five forms of combat (Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Crane and Snake) thereby developing strength, flexibility and coordination.

By studying the three main elements of martial arts (techniques, inner and outer strength), you will learn how to properly execute kicks, punches, blocks, grappling, dodging, submission and control, all the while increasing your strength and vitality.

Jujutsu – Kung-Fu – Self-defense

Jujutsu and Kung Fu are practiced by men and women of all ages for both health and fitness as well as for the purposes of self-defense and the art of fighting.

Other benefits of martial arts include an overall feeling of well-being, enhanced vitality and a philosophical knowledge of martial arts. Relevant information on the origins, philosophical fundamentals and theories underlying the practice of this art will be introduced throughout these classes.

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