Our Mission

We offer men and women of all ages a place, method, personalized instruction and adequate supervision in order to develop in the following areas: overall health, self-defense techniques, martial arts ethics and philosophy.

Overall health:

  • Techniques to build, maintain and move the flow of Ki/Chi energy. There is an Eastern proverb which states: one who has harmonized energy flow will nurture good health.
  • A series of exercises are used to increase your strength, flexibility and coordination.


  • While practicing various exercises for flexibility, strength, cardio, etc., you will learn a number of effective fighting techniques as you acquire the art of releasing the outer and inner forces within yourself for effective application in real life confrontations.

The origins, theories and fundamental philosophies:

  • In our classes you will be introduced to relevant information on the origins, theories and fundamental philosophies underlying martial arts training. We offer assistance and references for those wishing to broaden the spiritual aspect of martial arts for personal endeavours.

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